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Apache, North American Indians who, under such leaders as. In , the US government classified the members of the Apache tribe in the United States as Pinal Coyotero, Jicarilla, Mescalero, San Carlos, Tonto, and White. Today, three sub-tribes, Mescalero, Lipan and Chiricahua, make up the Mescalero Apache Tribe. We live on this reservation of , acres of what once was the. The Apache peoples are made up of a group of American Indian tribes that are similar in culture and speak the same language. There are six tribes that make. Apache is a collective name given to several culturally related tribes that speak variations of the Athapascan language and are of the Southwest cultural. Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA) Reservation Resource: Today most of the Apache live on five reservations: three in Arizona (the Fort Apache. List of Apache Tribes · Chiricahua – Lived in Southeastern Arizona · Jicarilla – Lived in Northern New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and the Texas Panhandle · Lipan –. The Apaches were nomadic and lived almost completely off the buffalo. They dressed in buffalo skins and lived in tents made of tanned and. As the Apache were forced from the Southern Plains by the quickly-moving Comanche, they began to align themselves with other native peoples, including the. Native American First Nations. Native American Indian Pictures: Native American Photos of the Apache Indian Tribe Mescalero, Lipan.

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